Sunday School

Every Sunday, First Presbyterian has three separate adult Sunday school classes that meet. Two are mixed groups of both women and men. The third is a class for the men of the church. For the mixed groups we have two wonderful teachers, Gene Hamby and Tommy Halcomb. The men’s class rotates the teaching responsibilities. You can read more about each class below.

Tommy’s Class
This class is composed of an eclectic group of people—female, male, married, single, various ages and opinions. All are welcome! We believe each member has a right to express themselves and that happens. We choose a book of the Bible and study it thoroughly. We currently are studying II Corinthians have just finished taking a look at I Corinthians and Romans. If you are looking for a class on Sunday mornings we hope you will come and join us for lively discussions and a good time.

Gene’s Class
This class is also composed of people from various backgrounds and of all adult ages. So far, we have focused on the teachings of Christ and are currently studying the gospel of Luke. The class helps to select what we will study as we move throughout the year. Everyone is inquisitive, outspoken, inspired, enthusiastic and spiritual. All are welcome to come and explore the Bible with us.

Men’s Class
The men of the church meet in The Parlor each Sunday morning. It is a comfortable room and many bring coffee and snacks to enjoy as we study. This is not a formal or uptight group. We do not have someone that teaches each week. Rather we rotate teaching among those who are willing, so it is not a burden to anyone. This also provides fresh idea and approaches to the text each week. While some choose not to teach, all are given the opportunity. We study the Bible using a curriculum called “Bible Expositor and Illuminator”. It starts with the words of Scripture and then explores the meaning of the text rather than finding verses that support our own opinions. You are invited to come and join us as we continue our exploration of Scripture.

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