Our particular congregation is governed by people elected from and by the congregation.  The people elected form our governing body, called the Session.  Current Session members include:

Class of 2011
Martha Dixon
Tommy Halcomb
Sarah Harper

Class of 2012
James McCorkle
Roger Tarbox

Class of 2013
Richard Deal
Gene Hamby
Ian Sanford

Class of 2014
Sarah Harper
Dutch Maxwell
Pony Baker

Class of 2015
Braxton Ashe
Jane Dill
Don Ruggles

Class of 2016
Martha Dixon
Patti Andrews
Don Armstrong

Our church is also greatly served by its different committees.

The Christian Education committee oversees the different education programs that take place in the church from Sunday school to Vacation Bible School.

The Building and Grounds committee works to ensure that our building is safe and maintained.

The Witness and Service committee works with all the different outreach ministries of the church.  They have made connections with the Presbyterian Home for Children and other denominational and local organizations.

The Worship committee deals with all things related to our worship services.

Each of our committees is always looking for new members and new ideas.   They are a great place to begin getting involved with our congregation.

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