One great thing about short stories is their ability to transform fantasy to realities. Besides being easy to understand, a good number of them have a moral lesson which comes at the end of a given story. Whether these stories are true can be debatable since uses characters that supposedly lived hundreds of years ago. If you’re looking for an inspirational that’ll leave you speechless, below is the list of two powerful short stories that you should try to read.

The first on your list need

The first on your list need to be a Box Full of Kisses. This is a story of a man that decided to punish his 3-year-old daughter for misusing a roll wrapping paper that was made of gold. Since money was a big challenge, he became angry when a small lady attempted to decorate a box to put under a Christmas tree as the Christmas was approaching. However, this couldn’t stop the little lady from showing much appreciation to her father. The following day a little girl brought a gift to the man where she said that this is for you, dad! This action girl for greater extent was an embarrassment to a man who had overreacted earlier. Interestingly, a box that was expected to contain a present had nothing.

It made a man more infuriated

It made a man more infuriated and became more agitated with the girl. In his angrier voice, reminded the girl that she should ensure that there’s something inside before handing over a present to somebody. The unbowed baby girl reminded him that the box wasn’t empty because she blew thousands of kisses into the box for him. The turn of events humbled the man who after realizing mistakes he begged for a girl for forgiveness. Few moments later, there was an accident that took the child’s life. A story continues to the say that the father continued to keep a gold box by his bedside and every time he felt discouraged, he leaned on imaginary kisses for comfort. From the story, you’ll learn that love is one most important gift around the continent.

2 Powerful Short Stories You Should Read

This should be followed a story of a shop owner who placed a placard on the door that reads: ‘Puppies for Sale’. There’s no secret that posts of these types are attractive to almost all children. As expected, one boy approached the owner and asked about the going rates of puppies. In his reply, the owner revealed that he was selling puppies between $30 and $50. While removing the remaining coins from his pocket, a child asked the owner if he could be allowed to look at them with just $2.37. A boy’s action excited the shop owner who just smiled as well as whistling.

All of a sudden, a lady came from a kennel and walked down the corridor followed by what a writer described as five teeny, tiny balls of fur. A boy noticed one puppy that was walking with lots of difficulties that made it limp. When the boy asked about the challenges that the little dog was facing, the seller revealed that it lacks a hip socket. For him, this puppy will always remain lame and not to mention that it will never stop limping. Surprisingly, a boy became more excited with the puppy while indicating that he’s going to buy it. A seller, obviously frustrated by the child’s actions warned a boy against buying the little dog.

“If you really want him, I’ll just give him to you”, added a businessperson looking more frustrated. While feeling agitated by the seller’s comments, a young person rejected vehemently any proposal from a seller that could see him get the puppy for free. According to a young man, that little dog needs to be treated just like normal puppies. He maintained that he was going to make a deposit of $2 and promised to deposit 50 cents each month until its payment is completed. It was the owner’s firm belief that the puppy should be purchased since it’s never going to play nor jump like the other puppies.

Surprisingly, the little boy got hold of his pant leg and pulled it up to reveal a crippled leg that was supported by a metal brace. A boy reminded the seller that he doesn’t run as well and therefore, a young dog will need somebody that understands its problems. The moral lesson from this is that you should treat everything with dignity regardless of their challenges.