Lawyers are respected members of the society due to the high importance of the job they do for people in different climes. It requires hardwork to pass through law school, so people who study law invest huge amounts of their time to reading books that’ll help them pass their exams. A lawyer named Mike James was interviewed to get an insight of how lawyers feel towards their loved work, so he explained the satisfaction that comes with the work. By spending years to study human rights, lawyers feel confident that they know what they’re entitled to, and nobody can take that away from them. Mike James revealed that being a lawyer has made him see himself in a way other people don’t, so he mostly feels confident even in the face of intimidation. Lawyers can’t feel intimidated, as they’re ready to settle every type of problem in court, knowing that the court will pass the correct judgement on issues.

Being a lawyer brings huge financial

Being a lawyer brings huge financial gains, as lawyers are among the highest-paid experts with their salaries being above average. An average lawyer is expected to earn more than $120, 000 per year, making them feel not only respected, but rich. A lawyer can comfortably afford a comfortable life which is expected after spending years trying to come out with good results. According to Mike James, being a lawyer will make you humble, even if you’re making so much money, and getting the respect you deserve as a legal practitioner. The type of education they receive in law school makes them humble, meaning that they’re approachable, and anybody can have conservations with them. Mike James said that a lawyer feels the need to help others, especially if the person isn’t guilty or is accused of a crime that was committed by another person.

A good lawyer has high reasoning

A good lawyer has high reasoning abilities, so he’ll see himself as a problem solver when there’s nobody there to bring solutions. This means that a lawyer feels the need to always be in a good mental state, as you’ll never know when a problem will surface. They’re quick thinkers, meaning that they’ll be looked upon to quickly come up with answers for problems that look impossible to solve. Being a lawyer comes with many responsibilities, but they’re always ready to take charge of situations due to their years of training in law school. Some times, a lawyer can feel the pressure of always leading, but this is a good thing for them as they enjoy the prestige that comes with becoming a lawyer. A lawyer can feel stressed from the work, and according to Mike James, working as a lawyer is as stressful as it comes, but it’s ultimately rewarding especially if you’re working for a big private company. It’s hard to see any occupation that doesn’t come with stress, yet working as a lawyer is seen by some legal practitioners as the most stressful career path you can take.

How it feels to be a lawyer

Working as a lawyer requires determination, and you’ll need to have enough passion to continue working, even when you’re tired, as long as justice is served. A lawyer feels the pressure of putting others before himself, and making sure to go to any length to bring justice for people accused wrongly. Even though a lawyer is respected, it’s expected that he’ll return the trust and respect by living ideal lives that are worth emulating, meaning that a lawyer is expected to be a good role model in communities. This expectation from people can make a lawyer feel caged, and not able to fully express himself because there are eyes on him. Humans go to law school because of the prestige that’ll come after, while others study law to make good income, so how a lawyer will feel might depend on the reasons for becoming a lawyer.

A lawyer who studied law to help those who don’t have a voice feels fulfilled when that dream becomes a reality, while another lawyer who wants to make money will feel satisfied making money. Legal practitioners know the power that come with their job, yet they normally don’t use that power to intimate their fellow citizens, unless they are in court trying to win a case.