The proliferation of churches in many parts of the world has become a thing of concern. Others have taken it to become more of business activity for most individuals. There are more than 37 million that have been created, and the number keeps increasing yearly. The reason for the countless number of church buildings is probably because of the increase in the influx of Christians. Almost every week, millions of people surrounded their lives to Christ. Forsaking their negatives and turning to God for the salvation of their soul. The rate at which they are growing is becoming alarming especially given the fact that most of them established are mainly for income-generating.

It has been discovered about 1/3rd

It has been discovered about 1/3rd of the world’s population are Christians. These are people who believe in the resurrection of Jesus as the savior of mankind, the number seems to be growing exponentially as new ones are being created in almost every town and city. Aside from those created in urban areas, there are also millions of them that now exist in rural areas. Pastors in their quest to compete with others have now decided to build even in areas that appear risky for people to attend. Contrary to what people must have thought that a church is building, the Bible gives an account of a church as the body of Christ.

That means a church is not

That means a church is not limited to a fantastic structure, it consists of the gathering people who believe in Jesus as their savior and share a common doctrine. Each church created has a unique name, it is important to state here that a church isn’t a building. Others have spent millions of dollars to build fantastic mansions yet, their doctrine is somewhat the opposite of what Christ taught his disciples. Some doctrines prevent members from looking neat, they claim that all those who drive inexpensive cars and live in glasses will go to hell. This type of doctrine mostly appeals to those who have little or no income to sustain themselves and their families.

Why Are Many Churches In The World

They are comfortable with this type of doctrine since it consoles and assures them of going to heaven. In most nations, women are not allowed to go to church while others prevent women from seating in front. Many of these doctrines are the reason behind the creation of different denominations. From the biblical perspective, a church consist of two or more Christians coming together to worship, which means, you have a church in your home or even in your office. Building a fantastic church doesn’t mean the members in that church are all Christians, every Christian is expected to have a personal relationship with God and not just by going to church. In the United States, there are about 1200 denominations.

Their reason behind the creation of these churches is because there are different doctrines. Unfortunately, founders of ministries have come up with different teachings about Christ. This has some members to be confused on which doctrine is right for instance, in some churches, women are deprived of exposing their hair while in other denominations there seems to be a problem with that. Others believe that Jesus is a god who is also created like other creatures. These diverse contradictions are mainly because of the differences that exist when preaching about Christ.

Despite the proliferation of churches, there is no single church that can claim to know it all, the Bible is full of mysteries such that without the help of the Holy Spirit, it will be difficult to fully understand all that the Bible teaches. Some individuals have a greater part of the lives looking for a perfect church but, just like the human body is without flaws, that is how the church is striving to perfection. That means, it will be difficult for anyone to ever claim to have a perfect church this doesn’t exist. Christians believe that there is only one God and that the Bible is the word of God, there will be few doctrines. That will limit the number of churches that are being constructed almost daily. But, since most of the church founders are out to make money from their members, they have to use doctrines that are appealing to attract members.