A church is a place of worship where people with a common belief assemble to give praise to God. Some believe that Sunday is a day of worship, this is common with Christians who always gather themselves in several locations in different parts of the world to give praise to worship. A church isn’t a building or location, it constitute of people who assemble themselves at least ones every week to give praise to God. On the 7th day, God rested while dedicating Sunday as a memorial for people to celebrate his goodness.

That’s why in most parts of

That’s why in most parts of the world, Sunday is generally regarded as a special day when people don’t go to work. It is mostly regarded as a day of rest where families stay at home to spend time with their loved ones. The creation of churches can be traced in the Bibles as written in the gospel of Saint Matthew where an order was given by Jesus for his disciples to go into the entire world and preach the gospel of salvation. This scripture is more like a divine assignment for every Christian who believes that God exists, despite the creation of more than 10 million of them in many parts of the world, some still don’t believe that God exists. Others still see God as a concept or myth and that he doesn’t exist.

Why Are There So Many Churches

The creation of a church was intended to preach the gospel of peace and to help people with diverse needs. This started in Europe and America then later spread to other nations especially developing countries. Unfortunately, in some parts of the world, they are beginning to faced massive criticisms from the government and other politicians. Churches have become richer than most nations such that this has attracted unprecedented attack from the public who are now trying every possible means to destroy them. In the Bible, a church was headed by Apostles and other ordained ministers of God, it was believed that for you to become pastor of a church, you must have a divine calling.

That situation is no longer obtainable as most pastors and church leaders now see it as a business opportunity. Others have been busy competing in building huge structures and going after members just to gain popularity. The main goal of church creation was to preach the good news of salvation. The rise of many churches has become a great concern as most of them now exist for their personal gains. In fact, in some nations setting up a church is more like an investment opportunity.

Since becoming a pastor doesn’t require any license like it is with most business establishments, the freedom of worship has given rise to the proliferation of churches. There is little or no accountability, and to set up a church doesn’t require any legal permit. Most of the church founders claim to have a divine calling that can’t be questioned. That’s why churches are being constructed almost daily and most of them have become idol worshipers creating more harm than good to the society.