Traveling to the United States either for a long stay or short period is a dream for many. The experience is awesome; some have described the United States as heaven on earth because of some great fascinating sites. It is worth mentioning here that anything you can think or imagine possibly exist in the US. If you want to see skyscrapers that can’t be found anywhere else around the world then, consider making a trip to the US. An exciting period to travel is usually during the hot season where you’ll see people in their numbers spending most of their in pools, beaches just to cold down. In the United States, they have extreme weather conditions, if you have issues with cold then avoid visiting during the cold seasons.

Living in the US can be

Living in the US can be expensive because standards are quite high compared to other nations. For instance, there are countries you can stay with $5000 without having to spend all that money. But, in the US, this is not the case, unless for cheap hotels that may require spending less than $100 a night. In cities like California and New York, it will require enough cash to spend. For those with friends and relations, expenses may be somewhat low since you don’t have to pay for accommodation. To make the most of your stay, there are places you’ll need to visit to catch real fun. Keep in mind that you may have to hire a tourist assistant to see some strategic places.

Why Visit The United States

Among several places that are of great interest to visit are national parks, the United States more than any other country has over 58 parts around the country. Whatever animal you desire to see like elephants, lions, giraffes, wolf, and several others can be found US parks. Most of the oldest National parks can be found US such as Yosemite Park, Central, and Yellow National park. This can be an exciting site for children who must be hearing of these places while in school. It will be a great opportunity to see these animals while visiting the wildlife reserves. The United States is a home to most top celebrities in music and film industry. They have the largest film industry known as Hollywood that has produced some globally renowned movies.

New York and Chicago are two most popular places to visit, they are known for hosting great touristic attractions. Another thing to consider while visiting United States is high-level security around the country. There are nations you’ll visit and feel very insecure but, in the US, visitors have the same access to security coverage as the nationals. With your approval to stay in the country, you can visit any place of your choice. They have hospital people that can offer you help, it doesn’t matter whether you are a national or not. Visiting the White House can be a great achievement, though access is highly restricted, there are locations around the structure that can allow you to view the building from a distance and may take snap-shots, living in the US in indeed is great fun.